Interesting cases

To show you a part of our every day work, we selected some interesting, authentic cases experienced during our long time successful tracing.
You cannot believe this has happened? You would be surprised about all the true stories we could tell. If you liked these cases, please visit this page again sometime. We will update it from time to time.


An airfreight shipment with diamond rings from Germany to an Arabian country was located at the airport of destination. Reason of loss: mistyped figures on the documents.
Amount of potential loss: approx. 250.000 USD (225.000 EUR)

Gear unit

A gear unit, shipped by airfreight from Germany to Greece could not be located even though the airline checked their warehouses several times. Due to our efforts the gear unit was found in the warehouse of the involved airline.
Amount of potential loss: approx. 3.750 USD (3.400 EUR).

Steel plates

One skid with special steel plates shipped by truck overland from Germany to Tyrol/Austria in August. We received the tracing order in December and located the skid the following February in the warehouse of a freight forwarder in Vienna who was not involved in the transport. Reason of loss: misrouting by the receiving austrian forwarder in Tyrol.
Amount of potential loss: approx. 35.000 USD (31.500 EUR).


Aifreight shipment with a medical video system from Germany to Chicago/USA in July. We received the tracing order in March of the following year and located the shipment at Chicago airport. This shipment was in this warehouse since July and all warehouse checks remained negative.
Amount of potential loss: approx. 40.500 USD (36.500 EUR).

Helicopter spare parts

5 pcs. spare parts for helicopters, each with a length of 450 cm (nearly 16 feet) shipped as part of a consolidation shipment within Germany got out of control. 3 pcs. were relocated in the warehouse of an involved trucking company, 2 pcs. are still missing.
Amount of potential loss: approx. 15.000 USD (13.500 EUR).

Calibration equipment

Shipment from Germany to Paris/France with several trucking companies. In Paris the equipment disappeared. By using a detailled description of the packaging and marking of the goods we found the cardboard box more than 6 months after its loss in the warehouse in Paris.
Reason of loss: The goods were stacked in the wrong place in the warehouse.
Amount of potential loss: approx. 12.200 USD (11.000 EUR).

Style jewelery

1 box was supposed to be delivered from southern part of Germany to a city address in Hamburg (northern part of Germany). We found the shipment 3 month later in St. Louis/USA.
Reason of loss: the incoming forwarder at Hamburg misdelieverd the box to the port of Hamburg. At the port of Hamburg the stevedory company did not check carefully enough and loaded the box into a consolidation container of a not involved shipping line.
Amount of potential loss: approx. 8.900 USD (13.000 EUR).

Remote controls

A container, arriving from the Far East, was shipped by river boat on the river Rhine from Rotterdam/Netherlands to Southern Germany. We located the container with remote controls in one of the small inland ports where the container was offloaded from the river boat without being noticed by the stevedore personell.
Amount of potential loss: approx. 70.000 USD (62.500 EUR).


One box of furs was planned to be shipped by aircraft from Frankfurt/Germany to Shanghai/China. As per information of the airline, the box disappeared during handling in Frankfurt and never left the airport of Frankfurt. We located the box in Shanghai - without any labels - due to a detailled description of the packaging. Amount of potential loss: approx. 25.000 USD (22.500 EUR).


A small, unique mold was shipped within Germany by truck, packed into a pallet. We located the mold in the warehouse of the incoming forwarder - he thought the pallet was empty and overlooked the small and unmarked mold inside the pallet.
Amount of potential loss: 12.200 USD (11.000 EUR).

Spare parts

Urgent spare parts sent by airfreight from Germany via Miami/USA to Tegucigalpa/Honduras. As per information of the airline the shipment got lost in Miami. We found the parts at the airport of Tegucigalpa without labels and not manifested. The shipment was loaded into a small aircraft shuttle from Miami to Tegucigalpa.
Amount of potential loss: approx. 4.700 USD (4.200 EUR).