How does Tracing work?

FTS-Freight Tracing Systems & Consulting was established in 1992 with the aim to locate missing and misrouted shipments worldwide.

Tracing means to investigate, locate and search for shipments.

A lot of missing shipments are not stolen. They only disappear due to human failure because of the high pressure of time and pressure to perform. All kinds of carriers automatically produce a small number of failures. Shipments are misrouted by errors of human beings.
Incomplete markings, missing documentation and sometimes lack of organization in warehouses are the reasons why a shipment can get out of control.
These shipments cannot be identified anymore and due to several reasons, airlines, shipping lines and trucking companies are not able to trace as intensively and thoroughly for missing shipments as we can.

Every missing shipment causes a lot of trouble for all concerned parties.

Expensive re-production of the goods, additional freight charges for replacement shipments, stop of production due to missing parts and many more.

Usually the bill for all of these troubles has to be paid by insurance companies.

A lot of these payments are not necessary, the shipment didn't disappear, the shipment just cannot be assigned to a certain shipper or consignee.

FTS-Freight Tracing Systems works on a "no cure-no pay" basis.

This means, for our client no additional charges will occure to a present claim. Only if we can locate a shipment successfully and are the first ones to inform the client about the location of the shipment, we will charge a percental fee, depending on the value of the loss!

Up to 94% of the original damage can be saved if a shipment can be found.

Our clients are not only reputable marine insurers but also well known industrial companies, manufacturers and freight forwarders/trucking companies. They contact us when a shipment inadvertently disappears and they are interested in locating it as quickly as possible.

Time is of the essence, so remanufacturing or fabrication of materials and equipment will not be necessary.